Sunday, March 9, 2008

A quiet weekend

Not to bad only 10 inches, but enough to keep me inside all weekend. With the time I had I was able to get my Magic yarn ball done for my Newbie kit Swap and my last sock for Hss3 was put on hold when my husband actually asked me to make him something. He has never asked for anything so I had to start on it right away. After digging in my stash I came up with this yarn I dyed myself. So here it is .
I was excited to get it done. It took alot longer then I thought so if we don't get anymore snow its ready for next winter. And last a picture of my package getting ready to leave on Monday hopefully i did it right and hopefully she likes it.
I put it in a basket because my balls ended up looking like eggs. LOL Did I mention I hope she likes it. Its my first swap project being sent so I'm on pins and needles.

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Anonymous said...

looks great!! I am sure that she will love her package!I love the ski mask! You look so pertty :)