Thursday, February 28, 2008


I've always been so jealous of my bf when i see all the wonderful packages that see gets in the mail from all the swaps she does, that i have finally got the nerve to join some myself. Since I have joined the first at the beginning of Feb. I felt confident that I could probably do another and another and yet another. I think I have become addicted. The first and were it all started Harry Potter sock swap, socks almost done and everything ready to go got til April 15 and my pal seems like a great person. The second, Magic Yarn ball Swap, this sounds like so much fun nothing i ever heard of before. The third, favorite color swap, I love all colors and shades(except yellow and orange due to my 8 yr olds new chose of room color). And last but certainly not least the international scarf swap 6, from this i will be receiving my first hand made scarf. I'm so excited, I've never made a scarf for myself. Well i suppose better get the kids up and ready for school. Did I mention I'm excited about these swaps? lol

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Anonymous said...

hello, 'tis me, your color swap pal! I look forward to getting your stuff together! Then you can blog about me too!!!